Technically Fall is here, but here in SoCal we know it can remain pretty hot!  Especially with these Santa Ana winds!  So, we thought we would share some of our best water balloon activities in the Fall.  Have Fun!


Obstacle Course Water Slide

Grab a water slide, water balloons, cones (or items that act as cones), and an object to jump over (rope, water noodle, sprinkler), timer (optional). You’ll need some space for this activity. Fill up the water balloons. Place the cones a few feet away from each other, place the object to jump over after the cones, then have the water slide. Create a start and finish line, let the kids know the rules/order, and begin the race. Whoever brings the water balloon to the finish line without popping it is the winner! Or, start the timer and help each child improve on their own time!


Water Balloon Toss

Fill up a bucket of water balloons (have the kids do this if they are capable-you can intersperse lots of communication temptations!) and proceed to the front or backyard/park. Start standing in front each other one foot apart and toss the balloon to the other person. Take a step back every time is caught. The farther away your partner is the harder it is not to break the balloon!


Target Throwing with Water Balloons

Grab a carboard box that you don’t mind throwing away (Thank you Amazon!) and paint or draw one or more targets on one side of it (targets can be the good old circle, but consider creating fun targets like animals, or educational ones like numbers or sight words). Create throwing areas at various distances. Have everyone take turns tossing the balloons at the target(s) and add up their points after every toss. Think of fun things to say when you throw the balloon (“Booyah!”)


Waterslide Bowling

Items you’ll need: water slide and plastic bowling pins (or equivalent). Place the bowling pins at the end of the water slide and have everyone take turns knocking them down with their water balloon while sliding-if they can keep it whole of course!



By Jonathan Carrillo

Case Manager, Orange County