Autism Diagnosis

There is a lot of research that supports early intervention can make a huge difference.  But how do you know if your child needs early intervention? Babies and children learn and grow at amazing rates during the first few years of life. If anything is not developing as it should, things can quickly go off track, making it much harder for your child to catch up as more time passes. As a parent, it can be difficult to know if your child is developing as they should. Is that typical? Will he grow out of it? Is that just the “terrible twos”? These are questions parents often ask when they notice their child is not meeting a milestone or seems to have more tantrums than they expected. We believe parents know best. By listening to your instincts, seeking out information, and getting early intervention you are doing the absolute best for your child. Don’t let another day pass by without answers. 

Autism Assessments

Autism can now be identified in early childhood, even in infants. However, we are aware of the long waitlists in medical communities for assessments. Delay in assessment means a delay in g