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At some point in their lives, many people find it helpful to meet with someone one on one to process personal or family complications, worries, and difficulties. Sharing these concerns with someone outside of your everyday circle of family and friends can provide perspective and help realize solutions you may not have considered. Counseling gives you the opportunity to obtain that unbiased viewpoint, and that ongoing check-in to help you stay accountable to the changes you desire to make in your life or your family’s life. 


In STEPPS provides a range of other assessment options that are customized to the questions you may have about your child’s development. 

A focused assessment tests a specific diagnostic hypothesis. For example, does my child have ADHD?

A comprehensive assessment determines more broadly what your child’s strengths and challenges are. It may be multi-disciplinary but not necessarily focused on a specific diagnosis. For example, my child has difficulty in (pre)school with writing and making friends. Can you provide me with information about his developmental levels and intelligence compared to his peers?  

Focused Assessments

We offer focused diagnostic assessment for families seeking a more in-depth evaluation of their child. Our licensed psychologist specializes in the identification of ASD, ADHD, and anxiety-related disorders. Assessment typically includes an intake meeting, administration of individualized assessments, observation of the child, and a feedback session with the family to review results and recommendations. 

Comprehensive Assessments

Our team conducts comprehensive multidisciplinary developmental evaluations for children with suspected delays in any area of development starting from approximately 6 months of age and up. Each assessment is led by a team of specialists, which can include a licensed Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and/or Physical Therapist, and a BCBA. Dependent on the referring questions the licensed clinical psychologist can also be part of the team. This assessment provides information about the child’s areas of strength, as well as deficit areas requiring support, and the team provides specific treatment goals and recommendations. This evaluation is not focused on a diagnosis per se (although it can), but rather, it aims to provide a good snapshot of your child’s developmental strengths and needs, and specific recommendations tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Our team is ready to get you the answers you need. Just like you, we want your child to be happy and thrive. Let us help you get there.

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