Early Intervention

Program for children with developmental delays with or without a diagnosis

No two children are the same. Children develop skills in different areas and at varying rates. With or without a formal diagnosis, sometimes a child may need a little extra boost to catch up, or to learn skills that don’t seem to be coming along on their own. An early intervention program can provide that extra boost in one or multiple areas of development.  

Early intervention at In STEPPS is tailored to the needs of your child and family. The program can be focused on only learning to talk and include consults from our licensed speech and language therapist. Or the program can be comprehensive and touch all developmental areas, such as talking, playing, independence in daily living skills, motor skills, and self-regulation, just to name a few. Focused programs may be only a few hours per week, while comprehensive programs may consist of 40 hours of therapy per week with consults from licensed speech and occupational therapists. 

At In STEPPS we use your child’s motivation and interests to make learning fun.  We teach during play and embed learning in natural daily routines. Sessions can take place in your home, on the playground with peers, at the supermarket, or at our clinics.

We believe that parent involvement is crucial for sustained improvement. Our therapists will include you and other members of your family whenever possible, and we will involve you as a part of our team. You know your child best, and you will work together with your specialist team to ensure your child is getting all they need to learn, thrive and succeed.

Project ImPACT

Program for parents with a child with developmental delays with or without a diagnosis

The bond between a parent and child is crucial in early development. Research shows that most learning takes place when parent and child frequently connect in the many small ways that define a relationship. For example, when a parent and child smile, share enjoyment, check in with each other, engage in reciprocal turn-taking, and when they communicate back and forth with and without words. 

When children are delayed in their development, it can be harder to make that connection, and this further hinders learning. Project ImPACT is a 12-week parent training program that provides you with straightforward strategies and tools to enhance connection, and thus, learning. The program focuses on play, imitation, and early social communication skills through fun activities. You will learn how to apply these strategies and tools throughout normal routines with your child. 

Project ImPACT is designed for children approximately 6-months to 5-years-old. We recommend at least one caregiver is consistently attending the sessions, but multiple caregivers are invited to attend. 

Find out how you can take your parenting skills to the next level and be the very best for your child. 

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