Artist With Autism Receives Up To $25K For Sculptures

People all over the world are actively working to change the narrative around autism and advocate for neurodiversity. For some, they refer to their autism diagnosis as a unique superpower that allows them to see the world in exciting and unique ways. From political activism to the tech industry, many people with autism have been influencers and agents of change, and the art world is no exception. Kambel Smith, a 32-year-old Philadelphia-based artist who creates complex, large-scale building sculptures, has recently garnered the attention of critics with his most recent work. Kambel also has autism.

First exhibiting in New York City, Kambel’s work is now showcased in galleries all over from Atlanta to London. A piece of Kambel’s work was recently purchased by the American Folk Art Museum, who paid an estimated $25,000 for some of his works.

Now surrounded by success amongst galleries, private collectors, and critics, Kambel and his father Lonnie have not forgotten how far they have come. To give back to the Autism community and continue to help other individuals with autism showcase their superpowers, they started the non-profit Autisarian. Kambel and the Autisarian team have created a network for individuals with autism to provide information and support on how their diagnosis can be a superpower and a gift.

Alongside many others, Kambel is changing the face of autism in the art world and beyond. His inspiring work is a good reminder that our significant differences can often be our greatest assets.

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