California’s mandate for Health Insurance funding for services for children with ASD will begin July 1, 2012. Some insurance providers have already begun covering services as a result of a settlement with the California Department of Managed Health Care. The insurance mandate is complicated as it has some limitations. For example, self-insured plans are excluded from the mandate, although some self-i nsured plans have independently decided to cover ABA treatment. Health insurance programs for California State employees are also excluded from the mandate.

For many families however, health insurance may be a good funding source that does not have some of the artificial limitations imposed by state funding in recent years. Insurance funding may seem complicated at first as you learn about copays, co-insurance, deductibles, and out-of-pocket-maximums, but it is an important alternative for many families seeking treatment. In STEPPS is networked with several insurance companies, and we can help you navigate the insurance system to help you understand how to obtain insurance funding for your child. Call or email us and we can help you get started!

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