Our Leadership Team

We’re a passionate bunch. We love to learn, play and collaborate to provide the best experience possible for your family. Every team member is highly-trained in ABA and PRT to build meaningful relationships with your family and child.

Yvonne Bruinsma, Ph.D., BCBA
Executive Director

“I applaud the quality, expertise and dedication of the people I wors with every day and consider it a great pleasure to be building In STEPPS.”

Rachel Zetino, M.A., BCBA
Director of Training and Staff Development

“I’m passionate about training and supporting those who wish to become proficient and ethical behavior analysts.”

Nicole Floyd, M.S., BCBA
Regional Director of Los Angeles

“Quote about loving In STEPPS. More placeholder text, extra line for good measure.”

Nicole Horton, M.Ed., BCBA
Regional Director of San Diego

“I love the opportunity to truly help people — whether a therapist, case manager, supervisor, child or family — and see the progress they make.”

Lindsey Lewis, M.A., BCBA
Case Supervisor

“Its so great seeing the children’s progress achieved through ABA and its effect on their families.”

Erin McNerney, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Clinical Director

“I enjoy empowering children’s families by identifying challenges, teaching strategies and providing education to support their growth and development.”

Meet Our Clinical Team

Kelli Acselrod, B.A.
Clinical Supervisor, Outreach Coordinator

Goytom Baraki, B.A.
Case Manager and Social Skills Coordinator

Ashlee Coggeshall
Training Administrator, Recruiter for San Diego County

Brianna Cooper
Parent Consultant

Sara Czarnowski
Case Supervisor

Krystle Germer, B.A.
Case Manager

Steven Guzowski
Assistant Supervisor

David Koehler
Associate Coordinatorof Clinical Staff Development

Elise Landgraf, M.S., BCBA
Social Skills Coordinator, Certified Peer Instructor

Kim Lerner
Case Manager

M’Lissa McFall
Assistant Supervisor

Kylie Ordos, M.Ed, BCBA
Case Supervisor

Mayra Salgado, B.A.
Case Manager

Brianna Schlange, M.S., BCBA
Case Supervisor

Jennifer Symon
BCBA-D Supervisor

Nubia Tellis, M.A., BCBA
Case Supervisor

Kali Thomas
Clinical BCBA Supervisor

Laura Michelle Wheeler
Training and Engagement Coordinator